Gentle Math for the Early Years: Interview with Cindy West, Our Journey Westward


I LOVED talking to Cindy West of Our Journey Westward about gentle math.  She is a homeschooling mama and writes about her homeschooling life on  Our Journey Westward.


In this amazing episode, Cindy gives all kinds of fantastic tips for mommas who are slowly introducing math concepts to their littles. "What is gentle math?", "How do we introduce it into daily life?", math manipulatives, and more are all covered in this episode!

Episode 6: The Role of Dad in Home Education: An Interview with Andrew Pudewa

Andrew Pudewa has graciously agreed to come on the How To For The Early Years podcast and we are so excited to talk to him about the role of the father in home education. Andrew is a father of seven children and grandfather to soon to be nine kiddos! He is the Director for the Institute of Excellence in Writing and is passionate about "addressing issues related to teaching, writing, thinking, spelling, and music".  Andrew and his wife homeschooled their children, particularly their youngest child, using the Charlotte Mason method.

In Episode 6 of the How To For The Early Years podcast, Andrew speaks about the father as the guardian and protector of home education and also outlines three ways dads can be a support to mothers as home educators.  In this episode, Andrew also mentions a talk he gave on nurturing competent communicators.  You can find that here or in our show notes.

We are so excited to have Andrew as a guest on our show! Listen below or subscribe in iTunes so you don't miss an episode!

Episode 4: Interview with Veteran Homeschooling Momma, Debi.

I'm so excited to share with you Episode 4 of the How To: The Early Years podcast! On this episode we meet Debi, a homeschooling momma of 16 kiddos! (yep, you read that right!). Debi has much wisdom to share with us from her over 20 years of homeschooling using the Charlotte Mason philosophy.

Three fantastic pieces of advice we learned from Episode 4 of the How To Early Years podcast:

1. Cut yourself some slack during the hard and/or crazy times!

2.Snuggle your kids; nothing else is more important!

3. Read Charlotte's own volumes!

Some of the resources mentioned in this show are The Original Home Education series by Charlotte Mason and Educating the Wholehearted Child by Sally Clarkson.

Debi's favorite quote from Charlotte Mason is about the large room, and is also biblically based.  A few corresponding Bible verses to this Charlotte Mason quote are 2 Samuel 22:20, Psalm 18:19, 31:8; and Psalm 118:5.

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Episode 3: Interview with Catherine Levison

In Volume 1 Charlotte Mason wrote "I venture to suggest, not what is practicable in any household, but what seems to me absolutely best for the children; and that, in the faith that mothers work wonders once they are convinced that wonders are demanded of them". {Vol. 1, p. 44}

In Episode 3 of the How To: Early Years podcast, we meet with Catherine Levison, author of many books on the Charlotte Mason method and veteran homeschooling mom.  In this interview, we cover the fleeting moments of childhood and how to best build a love of learning in our children before their formal education and the importance of the mother's role in working wonders for her children. 

Be sure to also check out our Q+A with Ms. Levison, and find more information on her website.

Episode 2: How To Do Nature Study When Your Day Is Already Over-Scheduled

Nature study can be a bit overwhelming.  The purpose and values of nature study were such a core tenant of a Charlotte Mason style education that Miss Mason herself advocated six to eight hours a day of out of doors time for children.  As mothers with an unending to-do list, nature study such as Charlotte Mason suggests seems an insurmountable obstacle.  

But rest assured, sweet Mama, nature study for kids under age six does not have to be such a terrifying prospect.  At this age it's all about the foundations of nature study.  We've got a short podcast (listen below or in iTunes) and a FREE e-book for you to download that is FULL of resources to aid in nature study at home. Enjoy!


Our free e-book, Nature Study with Littles offers five chapters worth of information about how to implement nature study with your kiddos. Additionally, it also features a reading list for your mother culture: books for you to research as you form the habit of nature study in yourself and your family.

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Episode 1: Chief Duties: What is Necessary for a Charlotte Mason Education for Young Children?

Charlotte Mason said a parent’s chief duty is “to form in his child right habits of thinking and behaving is a parent’s chief duty…[and]to nourish a child daily with loving, right, and noble ideas we believe to be the parent’s next duty” (Vol. 2, p. 228)

Our inaugural podcast focuses on what is necessary for homeschooling in the early years.  Three main aspects we will focus on are reading aloud, nature study and habit training.

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