3 Great Family Read Alouds About Ponds

One of our favorite places to go for nature study is a little pond down the street. It's beautifully shaded by pine trees, oaks, and maples and has a quaint wooden bridge perfect for dangling little boy feet into the water. 

If you live near a pond or lake, you'll love this list of living books about ponds. Enjoy!

Among the Pond People- Clara Dillingham Pierson

This book is available by Project Gutenberg for free as an ebook, pdf or other downloadable file. There is a whole series of "among the ______ people" and all of them feature rich and lovely language and stories. We don't often use e-books but it's nice to be able to carry an ipad or kindle down to the pond and read aloud, it's much less heavy and gives me lots of options to choose from depending on our read aloud mood. Download it (and others!) here

Beyond the Pond-Joseph Kuefler

This book is geared toward younger kids, in my opinion.  My two and four year old love it! The illustrations in this book are just beautiful- deep colors and inviting scenes that promote imagination! My boys love this book especially because the little boy in the story, Ernest D., is joined in his adventures by a doggie companion. You can look inside the book when you find it on Amazon here. 

Mossy-Jan Brett

I can't tell you how much I love Jan Brett's books! You can download them for Kindle, but don't miss out on the gorgeous and intricate illustrations of the real thing! This book is about a darling turtle and we actually have that species in our neck of the woods, so it is extra special to us.  Mossy combines a sweet story and such beautifully detailed illustrations; you can pick this one up as a boardbook for littles but the larger sized book is so lovely! Also, prime shipping when you order it on Amazon!