Recently, we covered three amazing books to read as you begin to research a Charlotte Mason inspired education. I didn't want to overwhelm you with options in that post so today we're back with three more inspiration books to read for a Charlotte Mason inspired informal home education for kids age six and under.

1.Teaching From Rest

Sarah Mackenzie is well known in homeschool circles. She speaks often at Great Homeschool Conventions across the nation and also hosts her own podcast, Read Aloud Revival, where she advocates for the importance of reading aloud as a family. She is bright and bubbly and hilarious! Sarah published a book called Teaching from Rest that is written for the mom who is worried she's not enough.  Isn't that every single one of us in some capacity?! This book will change the way you think of yourself as a home educator.   Get three free chapters when you subscribe to her email list or find the book on Amazon and Audible. Sarah herself has recorded the audiobook and it is such fun to hear the author read her own words! To my knowledge, Sarah is not a Charlotte Mason purist but from what I can tell her home atmosphere is absolutely life-giving and I believe she does implement some Charlotte Mason ideals.

2. Honey For  A Child's Heart

Gladys Hunt wrote Honey For A Child's Heart and it is a gold mine for finding great books for your children, many of them living books.  In fact her first chapter is all about the importance of introducing your child to great thoughts and ideals through great books. You can find her book here.

3. A Charlotte Mason Education

You probably already know of my love for this book. A Charlotte Mason Education is the book that single-handedly encouraged my husband to agree that we should homeschool our kids. I am forever indebted to Catherine Levison for writing this book.  Catherine talks about her book in a Q&A here. We had Catherine on the podcast a few episodes back,  you can listen to her interview here.