Episode 2: How To Do Nature Study When Your Day Is Already Over-Scheduled

Nature study can be a bit overwhelming.  The purpose and values of nature study were such a core tenant of a Charlotte Mason style education that Miss Mason herself advocated six to eight hours a day of out of doors time for children.  As mothers with an unending to-do list, nature study such as Charlotte Mason suggests seems an insurmountable obstacle.  

But rest assured, sweet Mama, nature study for kids under age six does not have to be such a terrifying prospect.  At this age it's all about the foundations of nature study.  We've got a short podcast (listen below or in iTunes) and a FREE e-book for you to download that is FULL of resources to aid in nature study at home. Enjoy!


Our free e-book, Nature Study with Littles offers five chapters worth of information about how to implement nature study with your kiddos. Additionally, it also features a reading list for your mother culture: books for you to research as you form the habit of nature study in yourself and your family.

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