"I Am a child of God. I Can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. I Ought to do my duty to obey God. I Will do what is right".

-Charlotte Mason


The EarlY years

Charlotte Mason did not advocate formal instruction for children until the age of six. However, she was not silent on the topic for children prior to age six.  Miss Mason had much to say about what foundational aspects to education should be, on what the mother as the educator should be focusing, and what life should look like for little kids.  We explore all this and more through our How To: The Early Years, a podcast and blog dedicated to education for a child age six and under. 

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Disclaimer: I am not a Charlotte Mason purist. While I admire her principles, and do try to follow many aspects of her methodology, I am still learning and researching her philosophy. As mamas, I hope we can come alongside each other on this journey to an informal home education with encouragement and open minds.

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